Full Review [With VIDEO]: Get IELTS Online Coaching!

Are you looking to get Band 7 or higher on the IELTS exam? has the best instructors with over 16 years of experience in preparing thousands of students for the IELTS exam. They’ll make sure you get the score you need…

For less than $100!

You’ll have have a personal support tutor to guide you through your studies, answer your questions, and grade your writing tasks.  It’s easy to become a member and start studying within minutes!

In this 2019 IELTStestOnline review, I’ll show you what’s now available in each of the new memberships (hint: less money spent and more courses for you)!

There’s even a new video to watch if you don’t want to read :).

Let’s take a look!

The IELTS Online Course

For less than $100!

You’ll be able to access the IELTS preparation course, complete with over 350 videos in over 80 lessons.  This means you’ll be listening to and watching an actual person like in a classroom setting, not simply reading a textbook of boring information.

They offer both the Academic and General Training modules, so you can study the specific aspects that apply to your test.  To prepare, you’ll follow their unique 3Step Program:

  1.  Learn the necessary IELTS lesson vocabulary
  2.  Watch the videos and the example presentations
  3.  Reinforce what you’ve learned with IELTS examples!

When you’ve done this, you can see if you’ve improved by taking the IELTS section test at the end of each lesson.  Think you’re ready to pass them?

15 Full IELTS Practice Tests-See What It Looks Like Beforehand!
ielts test chalk on blackboard

There are the end-of-lesson tests, and then there are the 15 complete IELTS practice exams. Yes, you read that correctly:

15 separate tests to mimic the IELTS exam and offer you practice for the Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking tests.

Don’t you want to know what scores to expect on your exam?

Well, both the listening and reading sections will automatically grade your responses to give you an estimated band score, while you’ll get high band level examples for the speaking and listening sections. 

Plus, you can have your writing test graded with the Expand Membership* and both writing and speaking assessed with a Master Membership*.
With these practice tests and the feedback, you’ll know exactly what to expect on exam day!

Core Skills Course to Reinforce Advanced English Skills

Are you nervous about how good your English grammar is?  Do you have trouble with verb tenses, punctuation, prepositions, or linking phrases?

While the rest of IELTStestOnline prepares you for the IELTS Exam, they also include their Core Skills Course to help you review and strengthen advanced English communication skills.  The exam is testing your ability to fully communicate using English, after all!

This is an excellent bonus that comes with each level of membership.

Learn Vocabulary Specific to the IELTS Test

english dictionary vocabulary

Another addition to the main courses included with each membership is the Essential Vocabulary for IELTS course.

You’ll be tested on your ability to recognize and use a range and variety of vocabulary words and phrases ranging from Level 1 (easy) to Level 10 (native speakers better grab a dictionary, too!), and they all apply specifically to the IELTS exam.

What’s nice about this bonus course is that it’s constantly updated with new vocabulary words, lessons, and practice exercises!

NEW: The Only Online IELTS Course with an Interactive Pronunciation Section

Welcome to the future!

IELTStestONLINE is the only online preparation course offering instant pronunciation feedback on both single words and longer phrases!  Just respond to the question out loud or repeat the words or phrases presented to you in this course and you’ll get a score that tells you how close your pronunciation is to a native speaker!

Just remember:

All of the features I’ve talked about aren’t available only at specific times, like with an in-person or online tutor.  You can access them all instantly at any time you want and receive this kind of feedback.
Why not begin right now?

The eBook: 800+ Pages with Audio Files to Download, Keep, and Use Offline!

ieltstestonline ebook

So, you might be wondering at this point:

Jason, what about when I don’t have a reliable internet connection.  How do I study then?

IELTStestONLINE has thought of everything!

Right when you sign up as a member, you’ll be able to download their eBook with more lessons, practice examples, full practice tests for all sections, and even audio files you can use offline!

Just like the other courses included in your membership, the eBook is constantly updated by these internationally published IELTS authors.

What does this mean for you as an IELTS candidate hoping to get a high band score?

It means you’ll never be using outdated PDF study materials you found in a Facebook group or online somewhere.  The people who use those materials will not earn high band scores. Don’t be one of them.

Do You Really Want to Take the IELTS More Than Once?

Speaking of outdated materials, Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, free materials found elsewhere on the web:

The bottom line is you get what you pay for. If you want to earn a high band score, you want to study with quality materials, right?

Now, when you go to buy quality materials in other areas of life (clothing, jewelry, machinery, you name it!), do you tend to get these for free?

Of course not!  This is why I will never understand why IELTS candidates continue trying to get high results using free materials.

But that doesn’t mean you should have to pay a lot just to get access to awesome materials and personalized feedback to prepare for an exam that is also expensive to take.

So IELTStestOnline has actually reduced the prices of each of its memberships-all for less than $100!
Take a look below (they’ve changed the names, too!):

ieltstestonline memberships

And if you don’t want to take my word for it, you can always check out the testimonials, like these below.  Just click the image and scroll down for more on their Facebook page.

ieltstestonline testimonials

You’ve got instant access to materials available for studying both on and offline, instant access to feedback from certified instructors who will grade your writing and speaking, and lowered prices to help you prepare without spending a fortune.

The only question you should have now is:

Do I really want to waste time and money taking the IELTS more than once, or should I prepare the right way the first time?

Luckily, with IELTStestOnline, you know you’re preparing correctly for a high band score.

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